Rekromex Framework

Rekromex Framework

Rekromex currently includes the Rekromex Framework & Rekromex Demo which demonstrates the framework.

What is Rekromex Framework?

Rekromex (REactive KROMe EXtension) Framework is an extension framework with tooling for the Google Chrome web browser. Features include:

  • Rekro-Message (i.e., custom multi-messaging system for multiple web environments with graceful fallbacks & unified logging)
  • Rekro-Crypt (i.e., custom vanilla JavaScript dual-encoded symmetric encryption system with cross-platform Portable Rekro-Crypt Output File (PROF) format
  • Easy app page & tab navigation with optional persistence storage
  • Flexible navigation features (e.g., app bar, bottom bar, options menu, etc.)
  • Error page handling with copyable error details
  • Rekro-Step Workflows with layout & linear flow (e.g., bidirectional progress & optional steps
  • UI features including light/dark themes, help bubbles, app tab bars, & more!

What is Rekromex Demo?

Rekromex Demo is a Google Chrome extension that shows the Rekromex Framework’s features in action:

  • Bottom & side bar app page navigation
  • Light & dark app themes in settings page (secured via Rekro-Crypt encrypted storage)
  • App tab bar that remembers the open tab when switching between app or web pages
  • Browser tab interaction via displaying tab details (e.g., current tab title)
  • Webpage interaction via content toggling (e.g., toggling webpage images on or off)
  • Rekro-Step Workflow layout & linear progress demos
  • Error page simulation
  • Rekro-Crypt encryption & decryption demos
  • App options menu with submenu support, help bubbles, & more!